Who is the Fairest of them all?

Brace yourselves for a tumult of wind and rain this winter, which inevitably translates into aggravated, dry, lacklustre skin.

While there always appears to be a new crop of pretty-packaged products that promise to deeply love and moisturise our skin, I’m relying on my trusted-old blue NIVEA tin which has secured itself a century-long reputation for intensely hydrating the skin.

When I recently learnt that “NIVEA” is Latin for “Snow White”, it triggered a sense of nostalgia to my youth. I vividly remember that distinctive blue tin on my mum’s nightstand, which she would reach into of an evening and rub all over her body while I lay next to her in her beautiful four-poster bed, covered in lavishly embodied sheets, reading my bedtime story. Her skin was (and still is) ever so radiant without having stepped into a beauty salon.

Nivea Creme 1

It’s a little evening ritual that my daughter, Charlotte, and I have continued. Who am I to do away with an unrivalled tradition, right? Charlotte dips her tiny fingers in the tub and applies it to her flaky patches, particularly on her feet and grazed knees (she’s a clumsy one) while I do the same.

We’re in for a long, cold, dry winter and are in desperate need for a hardworking formula that floods our skin with hydration and brightness, ready to radiate into spring. What we don’t need are expensive, European fragrant moisturisers. At less than $8 a tin, NIVEA crème has been and always will be the holy grail of preservative-free, all-purpose moisturisers.

Thank you NIVEA for leaving me with soft, supple skin for that all-important changeover from sweaters to swimmers (and all the precious moments in between).

Nivea Creme 2

Nivea Creme 4

Nivea Creme 5

Dress: Talulah La Maison (similar here)

Photography: Shots With Carolin

Flat-lay Photography: Snapix by Peter

  • Izzy
    June 17, 2017

    I love Nivea! This cream sounds amazing with no nasties too. Plus you look incredible as always!!
    X Izzy

  • Inspired
    June 17, 2017

    You look ravishing as always and your words are ever so inspiring… maybe it really is time to get back to our roots with the famous nivia blue!

  • Yvonne
    June 17, 2017

    Looking lovely, might try it and see tour secret! thanks as always

  • Yvonne
    June 17, 2017

    Looking lovely, might try it and see your secret! thanks as always

  • Lerelle Saab
    June 17, 2017

    An awesome read. Very informative. Well done. Loved it

  • Simone
    June 18, 2017

    Great post!
    Ps. Loveeee the dress!