MARKS & SPENCER: Life. Outside the Squares

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, know all too well that most of my existence is spent in dresses. I mostly wear dresses to the office, to industry events and even to the school run. And if practicality permitted it, I would sport a dress to bed.

However, don’t be fooled by the all the tulle, gowns and embellishments. Behind the Instagram squares, I am a wife, a mother, a sister and a daughter … and these are the embellishments that matter the most. I devote a great deal of my time investing in my own personal relationships and enjoying the precious moments.

Marks & Spencer 1

MARKS & SPENCER has helped me achieve this liberating combination of glamour and emotional wellbeing. The British retailer has secured a reputation for celebrating this ethos by giving us and our children dresses that are innovative, made well and at a great price-point – dresses we can “live” in. They are also sourced responsibly and obtained ethically.

Marks & Spencer 2

Marks & Spencer 8

Style and affordability need not be binaries. At MARKS & SPENCER, I am fitted in by delicate floral prints, pretty lace details and beautiful colours while still being able to … well … live a life that’s outside the squares.

Marks & Spencer 5

Marks & Spencer 4

I am wearing:

Clipped Lace Midi Dress

Floral Print Ruffle Wrap Dress

Charlotte Wears:

Lace Prom Dress

Pure Cotton Embellished Dress


This collaboration was supported by Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links.

Photography by Shots With Carolin

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