Tread Carefully

Everyone has a story about why they became a blogger. This is mine.

My whole life, I harboured a dream to work in fashion – to wear impeccably made garments and shoes. However, a few years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic disorder – a disability that effects the mobility and balance in my legs and feet. No one in Fashion Land had ever heard of it, least of all me. The doctors told me to forget about the fancy shoes and keep my feet under a desk.

The condition is called “Charcot-Marie-Tooth” or “CMT” for short. It essentially means that my legs don’t work as well as they should and that you will almost always beat me in a race (unless I’m driving). Oh … and I can’t jump! Nope. I’ve never jumped! I don’t even know what it feels like to get my feet off the ground (sorry, Toyota, I can’t collaborate). Jumping is over-rated, anyway.  That’s what’s I’ve been told by the CMT sufferers who have been summoned permanently to a wheelchair.

Obviously, I refuse to dwell on my undetermined fate or wear orthopaedic shoes (I can’t imagine they would look very appealing in an outfit post!) so I have learned to live within certain parameters of shoe styles – block heels, medium heels and wedges with support. Variety has never been a luxury for me … Until now!

I recently stumbled across Styletread; an online shoe store that stock a variety of the latest collection shoes that are both comfortable and on-trend. Styletread have a large selection from Tony Bianco, Windsor Smith, Mollini, Lipstick, NaturalizerDjango & Juliette and more.

Styletread Django & Juliette

Amid an extensive range of flats, sandals, heels and brogues, I am in uncharted territory. I feel like a child in an (online) candy store – the possibilities are endless. I can conveniently sort by style and colour and up the ante on my shoe game.

The Tony Bianco Avar lace-up heel has been sitting in my shopping cart for a while, although I know all-too-well that I will lose balance by just looking at it. But I have stocked up on some other great options for summer that are as gorgeous as they are practical.

Tony Bianco Avar

Styletread Mollini

Sure, I want to raise awareness in an industry where perfection is expected, but I also want to teach my children (who have been diagnosed with the condition too) to persevere with their dreams despite the roadblocks.

My love affair with shoes will continue and, 0ne day, my daughter will also be treading carefully yet stylishly thanks to Styletread.

Styletread I Love Billy

Photography by Josephine Khouri Photography


  • Victoria Wilson
    April 15, 2016

    Hello Lovely,

    What a beautiful blog you have! I too have am a Mum to 2, a wife and a CMT-butt kicker!

    I found out about CMT a couple of years ago when I was diagnosed due to a rapid progression of the disease. Before that I could only ever where flats (with straps or they would fall off), but I loved shoes! I loved finding really cute ballet flats and would buy several pairs in different colours if I really loved the design. I could go out on the town with girlfriends and not have to worry about blisters or sore feet.

    Now, though I wear AFO’s most of the time when I go out due experiencing numbness when my muscles become tired. I still love shoes and I am building up a collection of AFO friendly footwear. I am lucky my feet are narrow so I don’t have to go too bulky! Just the other day I found some boots that would accommodate my AFO’s!!

    My hands are very much affected now which is the most bother. I am a soapmaker and had a small business a couple of years ago, but taking a break from selling. I have a blog about soapmaking at as well as a more personal blog which is based around living an incredible life despite chronic illness. It focuses on fashion, positivity, and I want to expand into no-fuss cooking tips and make-up tips. Feel free to have read and connect with me there. The site is

    I am so glad I found your blog (although it was actually my hubby who found it and put me onto it).

    Xx. Vicky

    • Katherine
      May 27, 2016

      Hi Vicky,

      Thank you for connecting (and thank your hubby for me too). Your website is beautiful. It’s quite a talent you have there – I can almost smell the soaps while browsing your page! Wow! I love your comment about living your life in a “positive and fulfilling way” despite the CMT roadblocks. I couldn’t agree more – each one of us has a cross to bear and this is ours. It’s important to teach our children to live positively too otherwise they will struggle more than they need to.
      I have followed you on FB and Instagram and hope we can stay in touch and share tips x

      • Victoria Wilson
        May 30, 2016

        Thank you for your kind words about my soapmaking. It is definitely nice to have found something I love to do. Even if I’m not making it I still want to write about it… one way or another I will always be obsessed!

        I too have liked your FB and IG accounts. I just love following ladies with CMT who are following their dreams and finding success particularly in the industries I admire. It is truly inspiring.

        X. Vicky